Aperitif in Genova - Soho restaurant

If you feel like sipping on an aperitif in Genova you cannot not go to the Soho restaurant where you will experience the new way of having an aperitif. The restaurant is modern and refined, features that have always distinguished the Soho restaurant, here you can order cocktails, selected wine and champagne at the lounge bar or enjoy an aperitif. For anyone looking to try out an aperitif for the first time in Genova or would like to repeat the experience, all they will need to do is sit down comfortably at the table and enjoy their aperitif, all served strictly by the qualified staff who will then serve an actual dinner.

Visita il sito principale!

Soho Restaurant - Via Al Ponte Calvi, 20r zona Marina Porto Antico (Genova) - Tel. +39 010 8692548 - Cel. 347 0714556