SOHO ® started in Genova in the year 2000 with the desire to give a modern and innovative change to traditional restaurants.
At present there are 4 Soho restaurants in the world: three in Italy and one in the Czech Republic.
On average a SOHO restaurant in FRANCHISING ® occupies an area between 200 and 300 mq. In order to open and manage a SOHO restaurant an investment of approximately € 300.000 is required, of which almost 50% being the entrepreneur's own capital.
To be an affiliate of a SOHO ® RISTORANTE in FRANCHISING ® means aiming at a winning formula in a market showing strong growth, supported by a team of experts ready to help the franchisee in each phase of the activity: from the choice of the location, to the understanding of the management formula, to the setting up of the restaurant, to the launch on the market and to the daily management.

The procedure which leads to the opening of the restaurant SOHO ® in FRANCHISING ® foresees certain fundamental steps which need to be carried out by the franchisee under the constant guide of SOHO ® FRANCHISING ®:

  • A first evaluation of the motivations and the reliability of the potential franchisee.
  • To attend a pratical and theoretical training course in one of our restaurant schools.
  • The franchisee should compile a detailed business plan to be presented to SOHO RISTORANTE IN FRANCHISING ® for approval.
  • The setting up of the restaurant and its furnishings by the franchisee with the assistance of SOHO ®.
  • The formation of a team of managers.
  • The signing of an franchising agreement between the franchisee and SOHO RISTORANTE in FRANCHISING ®.

After the opening SOHO ® will continue to follow, advise and monitor the activity of the franchisee for the entire 20 years' duration of the franchising agreement in order to guarantee year after year an increasing success for itself and for the franchisee.

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