Parties and Private Dining

With us...
all marriages end well!

We are highly specialized in exalting the most pleasant moment of such an important event, when the newlyweds, their relatives and friends all sit at the same table to enjoy a quality meal worth of that special day. The art of reception demands care down to the smallest detail and the skill for understanding and meeting the desires of those who wish to receive their guests according to the most noble traditions of good taste and efficiency. Especially when it comes to organizing a wedding banquet. We offer an ample choice of gourmet proposals and our help in choosing top quality products to be prepared instantly so as to guarantee fragrance in each dish. The menus are selected with care and prepared by expert chefs.
Guests will be served by a highly skilled and professional staff. Express cuisine, precious settings, the greatest care in the arrangements ... this is what SOHO offers you for your great event.
Should your event instead be an important business meeting with a coffee break to remember, or a ceremony dedicated to a communion, a baptism, a birthday, a graduation party ora a vernissage, we will meet your requirements by matching the highest quality with an impeccable service, as always.