Restaurant & Location - Milan, Italy

In Milan we have created a reserved and welcoming atmosphere for those who like "privacy" but without neglecting high cuisine. Meticulously looked after by Damian and his partners Wendell and Paolo, veterans of various new openings in Italy and creators of several Brands, the Ristorante & Location in Milan has a Menu offering dishes which can definitely satisfy international tastes.

As the majority of recipes are fish based, the dishes change almost every day depending on the type of fish that has been caught. Besides this, at least one of the main dishes is a "fusion" dish which combines tastes and alimentary traditions of different origins. Vegetarian and celiac dishes can also be found on the Menu. A musical band chosen with care accompanies every evening.

The art of entertaining means taking the utmost care of all aspects and the capability of being able to understand and satisfy the wishes of those who want to receive guests according to the most noble traditions of good taste and efficient organization. We offer a wide choice of gastronomic dishes orientating our guests to choose top quality products, freshly prepared in order to guarantee the fragrance of every dish. Each recipe is selected with great care and prepared by Chefs expert in culinary art.
Our guests are attended by high quality and professional staff.

Fast cuisine, refined furnishings, maximum attention to all details: this is what SOHO offers you.