Fresh Fish - Soho Restaurant & Fishwork, Genova

If you want to eat fresh fish in Genova go to the Soho Restaurant, just 2 steps from the aquarium of the city. As soon as you enter the Soho Restaurant&fishwork you will find counters of fresh fish just like you would find at an actual fishmongers, this way you can see for yourself the quality of the food that is being served. A glass wall separates you from the counters so that you can see the cooking and the preparation of what you will be ordering, all done with the maximum transparency. Around dinner time the Soho Restaurant & Fishwork in Genova will satisfy the needs of all those who wish to taste excellent aperitifs accompanied by fresh  sushi, sashimi, oysters and various crudities.And if you are still not full and wish to take home a dish or two of quality fresh food, you can use the new  take-away menu….from the kitchen of the Soho Restaurant & fishwork directly to your table.

Visita il sito principale!
Soho Restaurant - Via Al Ponte Calvi, 20r zona Marina Porto Antico (Genova) - Tel. +39 010 8692548 - Cel. 347 0714556