Raw fish restaurant in Genova

If you are looking for a restaurant to eat and savour quality raw fish go to the Soho restaurant in Genova, there you will find an extremely elegant cosmopolitan location furnished with modern style furniture, combined with a cuisine that shows great attention to detail which offers first quality products.The skilled and qualified chefs will delight you with dishes prepared strictly to order, the food in fact is only cooked once you order, taste super fresh oysters, excellent sushi or seafood.The Soho restaurant in Genova is ideal, for a refined atmosphere, for the efficient organization and for the wide quality gastronomic choice, for celebrating important and meaningful occasions or for a simple work lunch….if on the other hand, one day you don’t feel like cooking you can order your favourite dishes using our new take-away service.

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Soho Restaurant - Via Al Ponte Calvi, 20r zona Marina Porto Antico (Genova) - Tel. +39 010 8692548 - Cel. 347 0714556